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Shows on in 2023

Jessica Bo Peep

April School Holidays

Jessica has not only lost her sheep, but whilst out trying to find them in the New Zealand Bush, she has now lost herself too. 

How can she protect her sheep, when she can’t even find them? Will anybody help her? Do you remember the way home? And who is that strange kid with the taniwha tail?  

Jessica Bo Peep is full of fun characters, catchy tunes, valuable life lessons and did we mention a talking sheepdog named Goldfish and a rapping Pūkeko? 

We would love you to come and join us and help Jessica Bo Peep, locate her sheep!

Written by:   Amalia Calder

Starring:      Amalia Calder

                    Clare Kerrison

                    Gareth Tiopira-Waaka



July School Holidays

Tyro, apprentice MatheMagician, can't get his spells right. So, when Fire Chief Fleet arrives with a monster mathemagical problem, they ask the audience for help. 


Riotous comedy, a transforming set and audience participation ensue.


After sell-out tours, this show went to Brisbane's Out of the Box festival and was later remounted by Vancouver-based Axis Theatre.



Written By:  Jenny Wake

Directed By : Amalia Calder

With: Haydn Carter & Q Walker


October School Holidays

Goldilocks is visiting her family in the country, but Goldilocks is a city girl and doesn't quite get country living. 

Baby bear is from the country but a different country. Everyone seems to be scared of Baby Bear and he is  not sure why, really Baby Bear just wants some mates.  His parents are very sneaky, there seems to be  someone following them around and furniture keeps on going missing in the forest.

Can you help us figure this all out? Get on your walking shoes and come and join us help Goldilocks and Baby bear, negotiate, this country living.

Written By:   Amalia Calder

Directed By: Adam Koveskali

With: Amy Atkins,

        Jackson Burling

        Haydn  Carter

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