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The Man Whose Mother
 Was a Pirate!

Sat 13th - Fri 26th Apri

Tim Bray’s adaptation of a well-loved children’s story, by New Zealand's most celebrated children's author Margaret Mahy.

Sam be an ordinary man - and his Mum be anything but ordinary, she be a Pirate!

Sam has never seen the sea, his Mum reckons he should. Do you? We think it be time for ye to sea!

Grab ye eye patches, fasten ye belt buckles and transform ye selves into scallywag pirates.

This be a story about fun, silliness, freedom, Mum's, wheelbarrows and sons.

So set sail down to the Tararua Tramping Club and dance a shanty with The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate.

Written by:     Margaret Mahy

Adapted by:   Tim Bray

Songs by:      Christine White

Directed by:   Hilary Norris

Staring:          Amalia Calder 

                      Clare Kerrison

                      Gareth Tiopira-Waaka

                      Rob Lloyd

Hansel and Gretel

Sat 6th - Fri 19th July

An energetic new Kiwi revival of the old Brothers Grimm classic, Hansel and Gretel. 

Hans and G as known in our version are up for an adventure of tremendous proportions. Facing an evil stepmother, an out of control pair of children’s elastics, magic sleeping powder and a very hungry witch! 

Filled with lively, music and original songs. With physical comedy and a very colourful cast and set, Hans and G promises to be more fun than you can throw a stick at.

So, get out your breadcrumbs and make a path to the Tararua Tramping Club to help guide Hans and G to safety.

Written By: Amalia Calder
Director:     Isobel Mackinnon
Starring:     Clare Kerrison
                   Fergus Aitken
                   Hannah Maison
                   Hamish Boyle

The Pied Piper

Sat 28th Sept - Friday 11th Oct

The Pied Piper is an exciting New Zealand revival of an old German legend, sprinkled with songs and KidzStuff’s magic touch.

Are you ready to come along for a ride this spring and enter the imaginary world of Abby, Marco and their Dad?

Dad is a very good story teller, his tales are full of greedy characters, silly characters, forgetful characters and funny ratty type characters. Not to mention: Darth pirate, Candy the sugarfree fairy and The Pied Piper himself.

So get out your Flutes and head along to the Tararua Tramping Club, to see what The Pied Piper and his rattus ratties have in store.  
Written By:   Rob Ormsby
Directed by:  Amalia Calder
Starring:        Adam Koveskali
                     Emma Katene
                     Maddie Brooks-Gillespie
                     Tom Kereama