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Shows on in 2018

Badjelly the Witch

Sat 14th - Fri 27th April 

Who has Lucy the cow? What are Tim and Rose going to do? Are bald eagles really named Jim? Do Appletrees become policemen? When will we get to the bottom of all of this? Bad Jelly the Witch has all these answers and more in this wonderful, chaotic, classic tale of silliness and fun.

Packed with quirky characters, big and small, crazy coincidences and we can't forget Bad Jelly herself. As well as being woven throughout with KidzStuff's awesome tradition of audience interaction, Bad jelly is just what you need to stretch those legs and laughing muscles these school holidays.

So get out your broomsticks and come and join Tim and Rose on their quest to find Lucy the cow!

Jessica Bo Peep

Sat 7th - Sat 21st July

Throw on your woolly jumpers these school holidays and join KidzStuff for an adventure of discovery.

Jessica has not only lost her sheep, but whilst out trying to find them, she has now lost herself too.

How can she protect her sheep? Will anybody help her? Do you remember the way home? And who is that strange kid with the tail?

Bo Peep is full of fun characters, silly songs, valuable life lessons and did we mention a talking dog?

So, polish your hoofs and clippity clop all the way to the Tararua Tramping Club and help
Jessica Bo Peep - find her sheep

Robyn Hood & her Merry Gals

Sat 29th Sept - Friday 12th Oct

Grab your bow and arrows and come and join us in the forest these school holidays!

Robyn is the best archer in the land and always gets her target. She is on a mission to right the wrong and help those in need.

Robyn Hood is a new take on an old tale, with the added bonus of girls can do anything!

So aim you arrows and shoot down to the Tararua Tramping Club with KidzStuff to follow Robyn and Her Merry gals this October.