Theatre for Children

Fun interactive holiday theatre for Wellington kids

KidzStuff Committee!

Amalia Calder

Creative Director, Playwright, Director, Publicity, Actor, Executive Committee

Dushka More 

Life Member, Actor, ex-Administrator, 

ex-Financial manager

Colleen McColl

 Founding Member, Life member.

Rob Ormsby 

Life Member, Committee Member, Playwright, ex-Administrator

Gareth Tiopira-Waaka

Executive Committee Member, Actor

Sherilee Kahui 
Committee Member, Ex-administrator, Actor, Director

Kathy Perreau 

Executive Committee Member

Hannah Maison 

Committee Member, Actor, Front of House, Stage Manager

Fergus Aitken

Financial Manager, Actor, Executive Committee 

Anna Lowe 

Committee Member, Graphic Designer

Catriona Tipene 

Committee Member, Actor

Adam Koveskali

Committee Member, Actor, Front of House